1upLabs is a new team at 1upHealth focused on building products that employ AI in healthcare.

Our team has some of the greatest minds in health tech and is actively creating novel technology to solve long standing problems in the industry. Contact us to join our team or work with us to help build and implement transformative products for the industry.

The future of

Healthcare is AI.

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AI can solve existing problems BETTER, faster, Cheaper





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FHIR data is enabling AI in Healthcare, and AI technology is rapidly improving

FHIR has created the first time that Claims + Clinical have come together in the same format
FHIR offers more structure than any previous standard which makes ML feature engineering much easier
FHIR supports a broader, extensible data model
1upHealth's models can reach 10s of millions of patients worth of FHIR data
Our technology is FHIR complete and vertically integrated. We manage the continuum of connectivity > data quality > compute

We are nearing the release of novel deep learning models trained on millions of patients. Contact us to be the first to know about the initial product and APIs.

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